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Why should I hire a wedding planner for my destination wedding?

When hosting a destination wedding, we highly recommend that you hire wedding planners, as each country has their own rules and specificities. Through experience, wedding planners gain knowledge when it comes to their local vendors and suppliers, and therefore they know best whom to choose, to ensure that you only receive the best service at the best price.

The venue has a coordinator; do I need a Wedding Planner?

Yes, although the venue has a coordinator there is a big difference between a planner and coordinator.

A planner will help you arrange everything from beginning to end and deal with all aspects of your wedding where the venue coordinator will only arrange everything from the venue’s side (this is catering, bar & staff – no suppliers).

Why should I hire a wedding planner?

Hiring a wedding planner is important. A wedding planner does this for a living and basically doing weddings everything weekend – yup we have easily done a 100 more weddings than you believe it or not. We know all the tricks, rules and regulations. Wedding planners know what to look out for, what to ask suppliers and clients and how to pull of your wedding day smoothly & perfectly.

You as the client need someone on your side to help, guide and protect you, to manage your budget, choosing the right vendors that will go the extra mile for you and ensure that you are having fun while planning your big day.

Can you work within our budget?

We can make any budget work as long as it is a realistic budget. What is realistic? Well it depends what you want – if it is a Pinterest / Instagram wedding you will need a large budget to work with. It also depends on the amount of guests coming to your wedding and where you would like to get married. Get in touch with us and we will help guide you through the process and work on a realistic budget for your wedding day.

What type of weddings do you accommodate?

All weddings, you dream it and we execute it. We love to add a personal touch to your wedding day to make it yours and something unique that you & your guests will treasure forever.

How many meetings will we have, and how much will we be involved?

There will be a first initial meeting to discuss your entire wedding, what you have in mind and some creative idea exchange. We will try and find out every detail from you to ensure your wedding will be perfectly carried out. Depending on our brides there will be meetings with suppliers, mock- ups, menu tastings and everything we need to ensure the wedding is exactly what you want. In between all the arrangements we will have plenty of online chats and emails to determine all necessary information of putting your wedding together.

What religions do you cater for in weddings / events?

Although I am a Christian I do not limit myself to only Christian weddings, I do anything from Indian weddings, Catholic weddings, Muslim weddings etc.

Will I have a planner at my wedding / event?

Most definitely, we are there to ensure everything runs perfectly and on que for your special celebration.

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