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Wedding Trends for 2021

Weddings are time-honoured traditions that aren’t going anywhere. We cannot wait for the 2021 wedding season and the fresh new trends that will be brought to life. Although 2020 was probably one of the worst years for weddings, 2021 is sure to come back strong. We have seen so much creativity during this pandemic from Zoom weddings to drive-in weddings. Transitioning to the 2021 wedding season will most likely continue some of those elements, especially the live streaming of weddings for family members who aren’t able to be there on the day.

Writing about wedding trends for 2021 hasn’t been high on the priority list last year, as most wedding publications have mainly focused on how the coronavirus will affect your wedding and how to get around it. However, having a better understanding of the virus in the coming year will ensure that weddings are safe without taking away any of the fun elements we know and love about weddings. Below are eight trends that we believe will take centre stage in 2021.

1. Outdoor weddings

Outdoor weddings are not a new concept; however, they are predicted to be more popular in 2021 as couples don’t want their guests to be in confined venue spaces. Outdoor weddings allow for a greater area to be used so that guests do not have to be in close proximity to one another. Similarly, less sanitising will be necessary and, as long as guests maintain a safe social distance. With suppliers giving discounts to revive the industry, an outdoor Summer wedding may be more affordable than previously.

Unveil Elegance Events_ Outdoor beach wedding trend

2. Mismatched seating

The craze of mismatched bridesmaids’ dresses is a beautiful trend that adds a personal touch to your bridal party. Here each bridesmaid can express their unique sense of style. Why not try mismatched seating at your ceremony or even your reception? Just because you like two or three different options for seating doesn’t mean you have to pick just one. Sometimes the best decision is indecision. There are a few ways to do this. You could have mismatched sofas at your ceremony instead of chairs. Another option is having two or more different styles of chairs at your ceremony or reception that play into the look and feel of your wedding.

Mismatched Seating wedding trend

3. Coordinated guest dress code

The old adage is that you shouldn’t wear black or white to someone else’s wedding. However, many brides have ditched that tradition and instead embraced black and white. It is becoming more and more common to see bridesmaids wearing white dresses and for brides to request that guests come dressed in black. No matter what colour the bride chooses for guests to wear on the day, it makes for exceptional photographs and ensures that the bride really stands out in the photographs.

Coordinated guest dress code wedding trend

4. Elopements

Elopements were certainly not popular in South Africa until Covid came along. This is an exciting development for wedding planners as they are much easier to organise than formal weddings and as such, wedding planners can plan at a reduced fee and plan many elopements at once. An elopement is an excellent way for couples to save on a big wedding day forgo the pressure of having to invite all of their family and friends. Although it depends on the couple entirely, as we believe that most people will still choose to have a big celebration with their family and friends.

wedding trend elopements

5. Relaxed and informal weddings

We believe that many couples will meet in the middle this coming year, even with elopements rising in popularity. Instead of either eloping or having a huge celebration, many couples will most likely have a more relaxed and informal wedding celebrating. Weddings in 2021 will be smaller across the board, making couples really think about the guests they invite and the role they play in their lives. Having less guests means having a more relaxed and informal wedding without the seriousness of incorporating all the traditional elements of a wedding day.

6. Single tier cakes

Single tier wedding cakes do not mean only having one cake at your celebration. Instead, couples are choosing to have various different cakes at their celebration over having a three or four-tiered cake. Like having mismatched seating, this can really personalise your wedding and to pick a few different styles instead of just one. Each cake can be a different colour or decorated with different flowers or cake toppers. The cake stands can also be different heights to showcase the different cakes in a decorative way.

Unveil Elegance Events_ Single tier wedding cakesUnveil Elegance Events_ Single tier wedding cakesUnveil Elegance Events_ Single tier wedding cakesUnveil Elegance Events_ Single tier wedding cakesUnveil Elegance Events_ Single tier wedding cakes

7. Eco-friendly

Eco-friendliness is high on many couple’s priority list, which is wonderful! Being ethical and sustainable in how you plan your special day is so important, as events can often be wasteful. Being eco-friendly does not mean having to go without beautiful elements like candles, flowers, or stationery. Candles are super sustainable and can be melted and re-used, so they are a must for your sustainable table décor. Flowers, too, do not need to be wasted as guests can take the flowers home as they leave or flowers can be sent to an old age home in the area to ensure that someone gets to enjoy them long after your wedding day.

It is no longer necessary or expected to send out physical invitations and with emails and wedding websites becoming so popular. Most of the information will be sent to the guests without having to hand out individual programmes on the day, saving on printing and paper. Menus are also no longer necessary, as often guests have chosen their meals ahead of time.

Unveil Elegance events_ eco friendly wedding trend

8. Weekday weddings

Weekday weddings seem like a foreign concept to most of us. But, with most venues having great weekday discounts, it is no wonder that many couples are choosing to have their wedding during the week. This is perfect for couples and guests who come from out of town as they have already booked leave, so it doesn’t matter which day of the week the celebration is held. This is especially practical for those couple’s who have a tighter budget and are looking for reduced rates from service providers.

We predict that these trends will see an uptick in the 2021 wedding season, as we near the end of 2020. The whole wedding industry is refreshed and excited to pull-off some spectacular celebrations in 2021, big or small. We believe that this pandemic will only encourage engaged couples realise how precious life is and just how important it is to celebrate life’s big moments.

For more wedding trends in 2021 check out the Pantone colour of the year.

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Luxury White Wedding

One of my all-time favourite luxury white wedding, that I was the coordinator for, was a couple from Turkey. They had decided to say their “I do’s” in Cape Town, South Africa.

Jessica and Ali’s special day had so many beautiful details within their luxury destination wedding. Some intimate details were, the custom diamanté “I do” stickers on the shoes, personalised wedding logos on the stationery and imported Turkish candy to name a few. The wedding was luxurious and top class without losing elements of who they were as a couple.


Bride getting ready. Bride and her dog on her wedding day White and gold wedding stationery programs with couples Wedding logo Wedding shoes with I do stickers Vince Camuto Wedding shoes Wedding dress in a tree, wedding photography ideas for brides Groom getting ready, putting on bowtie looking dapper groom. Groom getting ready and dressed for his wedding day and the big I do's Groom portraits. Bride getting ready, putting on earrings. Back of wedding dress details  Bridal bouquet, cascading white orchids

The Ceremony

This took place on the beautiful lawn area at Bona Dea, overlooking the magnificent Hemel-en-Aarde Valley. The couple shared their vows under a classic white arch, with entwined draping and proudly South African floral arrangements. The florist lined the aisle with white cascading orchids and rose arrangements within tall glass vases resting upon white plinths. The bride gracefully walked down the aisle with her grandmother’s heirloom jewellery, a classic 55 year old tiara.


Saying their I do's at the altar. Luxury white wedding ceremony setup with lush white orchids on white plinths and white carpet

Pre-drinks, luxury white lounge pockets setup at the Wedding venue Happiness wedding sign on wall with ivyPre-drinks furniture. White leather seating for cocktail hour lounge pockets Grandmother's heirloom wedding tiara for the bride

Luxury white wedding ceremony white flower spheres with orchids, roses and other white flowers confetti cones and white rose wedding chair posies tied to white Tiffany chairs for the wedding ceremony Wedding white lollipop trees Exchanging rings saying their I do's You may now kiss the bride. She said yes. I do. Bride and groom kissing

The pre-drinks and cocktail hour

Straight after the ceremony guests took part in a delicate and breathtaking butterfly release. Releasing butterflies at a wedding symbolises love, beauty and hope. The guests then followed the bridal couple to the cocktail area for their next exciting activity. The groom performed a sabrage for his new wife and guests, the sabrage symbolises triumph and to encourage the guests to have a good time.  After all the excitement from the activities, the guests enjoyed the drinks and some delicious canapés served by Two Chefs.

Bridal portrait. Bride holding butterfly after beautiful butterfly release Sabrage performance by groom Intimate couple moments. Wedding couple shoot Bride and groom kissing with scenic views of mountains on beautiful green grass

The luxurious wedding reception

The wedding reception was another WOW factor. We decorated the ceiling with branches, white flowers and fairy lights. Creating an eye-catching fairytale look, each table had been adorned with crystal candelabras and flower displays, which consisted of various orchids, roses, and crystal garlands. As a wedding favour, the guests could enjoy authentic Turkish treats. The food was a highlight of the evening and was executed perfectly by the chefs. With the last surprise of the evening, Ali swooned his beautiful bride and their loving friends and family by playing a romantic movement on the Baby Grand Piano.

Luxury White wedding reception, flower balls. These white flower spheres are white with orchids, roses and crystal details like crystal garlands Turkish delight treats guest favours Luxury white wedding reception with lush white flowers on stands, crystal candelabra, crystal garlands, hanging roof installations of branches, fairy lights and white flowers Luxury wedding cakes with diamanté's details, ribbon Luxury wedding, groom playing black baby grand piano Bride and groom dancing in the rain night shot Wedding food. Catering, main meal, main dish. beef delicious

The day was an absolutely spectacular event, that the guests are mostly likely to never forget. Everything from the custom designed wedding dress and shoes, the venue and how it was decorated by very professional suppliers, that used creative and unique ways to truly represent the love the couple have for each other.

Images taken by Linda Vos Photography. See more about her work on our website: Gallery Ian & Jen’s Wedding

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Pantone colour for the year 2021

As we are entering 2021 we are looking forward to the latest wedding trends and Pantone colour of the year.

Each year we eagerly await Pantone’s colour of the year and for 2021 they have actually chosen two colours, maybe after such a difficult year they thought they would inspire us.

Can I get a drum roll please! This year the colours are Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow.

The colours have been chosen to represent fortitude and positivity according to Pantone. This is a colour choice that promises a brighter tomorrow.

The “Ultimate Gray” represents a “stable foundation,” while the “Illuminating yellow” is like our light at the end of the tunnel or sunshine on a cloudy day.

Pantone colour of the year 2021 Grey Pantone colour of the year 2021 Yellow

Here we have come up with some inspirations for how to use this colour palette.


The Pantone colour of the year is a perfect colour scheme for Spring and Summer weddings. Yellow is a contrasting colour and can be combined with white and green to create depth. Ask your florist to create beautiful and elegant centrepieces for your reception with these colour combinations.

Wedding party

Incorporate the Pantone colour of the year into your flower bouquets and boutonnières.

Imagine the groom rocking a gray suit and yellow boutonnière. Gray is the best colour for the groom and groomsmen, they can wear different shades of gray to really bring out the colour combination, accompanied by these beautiful boutonnières below.

Wedding Cake

When it comes to wedding cakes, it isn’t just something to eat but lately wedding cakes serves as a real art form. Add some accents of yellow and gray to your wedding cake to really pull the colour scheme through.

Pantone Colour of the Year_ Gray and yellow reception tablesGray and yellow boutonniereGrey, yellow and white bridal bouquetWedding Cake_ white, yellow and grey

Contact Unveil Elegance Events today if you would like us to plan your Pantone colour of the year wedding.

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Why Should I Hire a Wedding Planner?

A wedding planner is often thought of as a luxury for those with an unlimited budget and dreams of a royal wedding. While huge weddings with sky-high budgets almost always have planners behind the scenes, smaller and more budget-friendly weddings still require a lot of planning and attention to detail. This is why a wedding planner is an appropriate addition to any wedding, whether you have a big or small affair, unlimited or limited funds. A wedding planner will ensure that your day goes off without a hitch.

Wedding planners often offer two coordination packages, the first is usually on the day coordination where the couple plans and confirms everything themselves and the coordinator jumps in anywhere from two to one month before the wedding. In this package the coordinator ties up any loose ends, creates a timeline, a final programme and a floorplan for the day and is there on the day to ensure everything runs smoothly. The second and most sought-after package is the full coordination service. The full coordination service means gaining a new bestie who will be there every step of the way to plan your wedding from start to finish. Your planner will create a concept for every aspect of your wedding from florals to entertainment as well as obtain quotes from trusted service providers who they work closely with to ensure the success of your special day. Your planner will work closely with you to ensure that your vision comes to life while also exceeding your expectations.

If you are still unsure whether you should enlist the help of a wedding planner, here are a few reasons why you should:

1. Less Stress

The first and best reason to hire a wedding planner is having less stress, not only on the day but leading up to the day. You will have the peace of mind that someone else is there to ensure that you have the best day possible. A wedding where you have no planner is similar to hosting your own party, you’re always having to sort out everyone else and having a lot less fun than you expected when you planned the party. On the other hand, a wedding has many “moving parts” compared to a simple party, which means that there are many opportunities for something to go wrong. Luckily, your planner will be there to solve problems that arise both during the planning process, on the day and even the day after. The wedding planners job is to keep you motivated during the planning process, guide you in the right direction when making decisions and to keep everyone involved happy, all while making your happiness their main goal. Simply put, they stress for you.

2. Better Budgeting

Surprisingly wedding planners are amazing at sticking to a budget, while couples often stray far from their original budget when left to their own devices.  A coordinator will draw up an initial budget so you know what to expect and will update your budget based on which service providers you choose, to give you a realistic idea of what you can expect to spend. This gives the couple realistic expectations for the day and as such, the job of the planner is to manage your expectations based on your budget. The wedding planner will stick to your agreed upon budget and ensure that you do not make emotional decisions when it comes to your wedding budget.

3. Industry Connections

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that after years of being in the wedding industry, planners have a plethora of trusted service providers on hand. Wedding planners are usually excellent at making connections and maintaining relationships with other service providers in the industry. This means that they know who the most reliable suppliers are, who to avoid and can even wrangle a great discount for you. These connections can really be a lifesaver when a service provider fails to show up or when the couple needs something to be arranged at the last minute.

4. All the Details

Weddings are all about the little details, especially considering that there is usually three parts to a wedding day – the ceremony, the pre-drinks, and the reception. These make up three different events within the larger event of the wedding and then, of course, there is the rehearsal prior to the wedding day. To make things even more complex the ceremony, pre-drinks and reception are often held at different areas of the venue and sometimes even at different venues altogether. This is why having a wedding planner ensures that no matter where you choose to have these events, each one will feel special and nothing will be forgotten. A great wedding planner will have a cake knife on hand when you forget to bring it, a first aid kit for when a guest falls unexpectedly, umbrellas for a rainy day and so many other contingency plans you never thought about.

5. Personalisation

Your wedding should reflect the best parts of you and your partner. It should celebrate your relationship in each detail of the day from the vows and the music the DJ plays to the delicious food and wedding favours each guest gets to experience. A wedding planner can make this happen and will be thinking of you in every detail they organise to personalise the wedding to your taste and not necessarily create a one-size-fits-all wedding. Like the perfect suit, your wedding should be tailored to you and your partner and include the things you enjoy rather than sticking to the status quo.

To summarize, a wedding planner is basically the professional secretary, accountant, networker, organiser, and bestie you never knew you needed. A wedding coordinator plans ahead and thinks of the health and safety of everyone at the event so that you don’t have to and works behind the scenes to make your dreams a reality. Why leave the best day of your life up to chance when you can enlist the services of a wedding planner to ensure its success?

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