One of many things we have learned over the past year with Covid and lockdown, is that plans might change. Letting guests know about changes after your invites have gone out does not have to be stressful. How do you keep your guests up to date if your wedding plans have changed?

2021 has tested everyone who has had to postpone their weddings and taught us all how to manoeuvre through difficult times. Constantly changing plans, social distancing guidelines, travel and quarantine restrictions have all been thrown at us.

This has happened before, not only because of Covid related issues, but occasionally there has been a venue change or even unexpected date changes.

Here are our top tips on how to keep your guests up to date when wedding plans have changed:

Printed stationery

If you have used a stationery designer ask them to create something smaller and even on a different card stock to reduce the cost. Have extras printed, when you are having stationery printed the cost is the design and card stock, to print 100 won’t cost much more than 50.

Wedding website

If mailing out again isn’t an option, go digital, create a wedding website and put your updates on there so guests can check in. This does not always mean they will though so consider using a platform like Paperless Post. You can design digital invitations and communicate any changes once this is set up. You will need all your guests email addresses but once it is done it saves you a lot of time. Ask for their emails on your original RSVP card.

Social Media Groups

Consider creating WhatsApp groups or even a private Facebook group to keep your guests up to date. Guests are different age groups so think of how best to reach out to them.

Enlist help, create a team leader for each pod of your wedding guests, it could be a family pod, work pod, friend groups. Ask your parents and wedding party to help, they can be in charge of certain sets of guests to communicate changes or updates to.

You can keep the groups smaller. If people start replying to a large group it can become confusing and messages could be missed.

You could include an insert card saying “We are hoping to celebrate on (new date) but if plans change we will share updates on our wedding website / social media group”.


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