How to keep your wedding outfits pristine if you had to postpone your wedding? We have the best advice from our experts on storing your wedding dress or suit until your wedding day.

Your wedding has now been postponed for a few months, it could be a year so it is really important you know how to store your outfits properly until you can celebrate your special day.

If you are worried that you might not store it at the right conditions ask your wedding planner or wedding dress designer to assist with this.

We spoke with Cindy Bam at Cindy Bam Couture to get the best advice to store your wedding dress and suit.

Hanging clothes for long periods of time will change the shape, especially if it is a heavy outfit with beading and details.

If you can’t ask your wedding dress designer or suit retailer to store your outfits then it is important to know how to look after them properly.

Flat storage and a specific way of folding work well for wedding dresses. It distributes the weight resulting in fewer stress points. Think of your dress as a rug, rugs are stored rolled so the weight is distributed evenly.

By hanging a dress you are putting a lot of stress on the shoulders or shoulder straps. This is why you should choose ideally flat storage.

The materials you use to store your outfits are critical.

Store them in breathable bags,   not a plastic one given to you by the dress or suit supplier. Often dresses can become discoloured and yellow over time if they can’t breathe and have air.

Cindy Bam advises having your dressmaker store it with special paper to absorb the moisture and seal it.

If you decide not to seal the box. We advise not to handle the dress too much. Skin oils can discolour the dress over time so use cotton gloves when handling it. Most importantly don’t expose your wedding dress to sunlight.

Try and store your dress in your cupboard away from sunlight. Don’t put your dress in the attic or the basement, keep it at a controlled temperature where there is no damp or harsh bright light.

Two months before your new wedding date, take your dress to your dressmaker for alterations and steaming.

Soon you will be dancing the night away in your pristine, perfectly preserved, wedding dress.

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