Your best friend is getting married and you’ve stepped into your long-awaited maid of honour role. Your role is to help the bride with wedding planning, plan the bachelorette festivities and most important of all, support her on the best day of her life. Then, along with all that, you have to make a charming yet sentimental speech with perfectly timed humour tied together with a toast. While this can be daunting to most, it will totally be worth it when you are met with adoration from your bestie and her new husband.

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So, how does one write the perfect speech for such a momentous occasion?

Firstly, start off your speech by telling the audience how you and the bride met and what lead you to becoming best friends. This is always a charming story and a great way to introduce yourself to the audience. Stay away from stories about drunken nights and anything the bride wouldn’t want her grandmother to hear.

Now, ensure that your speech takes shape by bringing attention to the groom and how they met. It is lovely to share sweet things the bride said about the groom when they were in the early stages of dating. Another lovely idea is to share how you saw the groom made your friend (the bride) happier and how their relationship enhanced each other’s lives for the better. The body of the speech should really focus on their relationship and their unique relationship quirks. Feel free to add in light-hearted jokes, but steer clear from inside jokes as the audience will likely not understand them.

The maid of honour speech almost always ends with a toast to the couple and their future together. Therefore, when concluding your speech, it is encouraged to talk about the couple’s future together and the wonderful life they will build. This is the perfect way to tie in your toast and to celebrate their future together.

Now that we have the speech layout. Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure that your speech really stands out from the rest:

  • Find out who is speaking before you and what they will be speaking about to avoid any overlap in stories
  • Tell stories of your best memories with the bride but keep it family-friendly
  • Share their love story
  • Compliment the groom and how he treats the bride
  • Add in some humour
  • Make sure that your speech flows by having a beginning, middle and end
  • Share some wisdom for a long-lasting marriage, whether you find it online or ask older married couples around you
  • Keep it short and sweet
  • End with a toast

Now that you have the tools you need to write a killer speech, don’t be afraid to write from your heart. This is your best friend’s day after all, make sure all the attention is on her. The most important thing when making your speech is to have fun and be yourself and your bestie is sure to shed a few tears.

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