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3 Day Wedding

Dimple & Roel

The ENTIRE DESIGN CONCEPT: This tantalising celebration consisted of 3 executive days of fun, entertainment and style for Dimple & Roel’s special wedding.

We started off with Day 1; upon arrival and check in each guest received a refreshing welcome drink, and in each guest’s room a gift basket full of goodies and the program for the next 3 days.. We started the evening off with an early wine tasting on the golf course as pre-drinks and moving toward an evening with live entertainment and local food which was a South African braai buffet (BBQ).

On Day 2 the couple had their big wedding day, a lovely breakfast for the guests, a tea break with snacks and later all guests were transported with shuttles to the venue where Nicolette Weddings took over and coordinated the rest of the day.

Day 3: Pool party (or referred to as the Hangover brunch), it was an all-white party and we had live entertainment playing (Jazz band and DJ) with a tasty buffet (hamburger sliders, salads, kebabs, and all sorts of deliciousness). Later we surprised the guests with an interactive drumming session with African drummers and Zulu dancers.

Our EXPERT ADIVICE: International guests LOVE to experience Africa and one of the favourites are Marimba bands, African Drummers or Zulu dancers. Try to bring them in during pre-drinks or if you have a 3-7 day wedding have entertainment on a few days, guests love the interactive sessions and these are pictures and an experience which they can cherish forever.

Photographer: House of Vizion

Venue: Arabella Hotel, spa & golf course


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